SOLIDWORKS 2020 Structure System Pattern

Article by James Swackhammer updated January 29, 2020


The SOLIDWORKS Structure System is fairly new and while in its infancy “new” basic improvements are being made with every SOLIDWORKS release. Looking at efficiency best practices, using a pattern comes to mind. The basic answer to why we pattern brings me back to the SOLIDWORKS Essentials class where a “seed” is patterned to increase design speeds, decrease quantity of features, and provides the ability to edit many items faster. Looking at my Dome Monkey Bars model below, this would be quite difficult or time consuming to make without using circular patterns.


SOLIDWORKS Dome Monkey Bars

Starting off with my center top circle weldment making sure I have a gap and then creating the first of my arc uprights. I then specify a particular corner treatment.

Seed for pattern

Seed for pattern

When it comes to patterning I chose the circular pattern, Direction 1 – I used the temporary axis of the top circle and most of the time when doing feature patterns we chose features but for Structural Systems you must chose bodies and now there is a new section. Here I selected my upright leg, made sure I had 360° and I wanted 12 in total – including the seed.

Completed SOLIDWORKS Structure System Pattern

SOLIDWORKS Structure System Pattern

This not only copies the part but copies the corner treatment too. I wanted a weld gap in there of 0.01″.

Monkey Bars Seed

Corner Treatment

So other than the corner treatments and the different area to select entities with the patterns it operates in the same manner as every other feature pattern.

Pattern Completed

Pattern Completed

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