How to Wrap Text in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Article by Samony Riyaz updated April 9, 2020


SOLIDWORKS Electrical uses attributes to represent information pertinent for the project including those in the title block, cover page and to describe component information in the schematics. This information is easily represented in a single line of text, but occasionally, you may have text going off a page, thus the need to divide / wrap text into multiple lines.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical does allow you to accomplish this with the use of the Multiple Attribute command in the Symbol Editor tab.


In the Component Properties Tab, Insert a Description in the User Data field seen below:

Component with a Single Line Description

To alter the text above in the Component Description attribute so that it will be split between multiple lines, we will need to edit the symbol to alter how the attributes are laid out.

Right-click the component > Symbol > Open Symbol

On the Edit Symbol Tab in the ribbon, select the Multiple Attributes button

Multiple Attribute button in Edit Symbol Tab

You will then notice a Set as multiple attribute dialog on the left hand pane of Electrical. Here you will specify which of the attributes you would like to alter into multiple lines. Since we want to change the Component Description, we will select #COM_TZ_0_L1.

Then change the Number of attributes to the number of likes you would like to split this tag and how far apart you would like them to be.

Multiple Attribute Command

The attributes will then change so that they have the suffix {1} and {2} for the tag, indicating that this has been split onto two lines. We will now save this symbol, go back to the schematic, and Edit the component Properties to that below:

Component Properties

As seen in the Description field above, there is a pipe or Vertical bar “|” added to where you would like the text to break/split. (Wrap this text using Multiline Attribute |Feature in the Symbols Attributes Tab), Select OK. 

Right-click the Component > Symbol > Update

Update Symbol

After the vertical bars are added and the symbol has been updated, you will now see the text split between multiple attributes as specified earlier.

Component with a Multiline Description

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