To Group or Not to Group items in SOLIDWORKS

Article by James Swackhammer updated April 13, 2020


Like most Windows programs SOLIDWORKS allows you to group items together. But what are the benefits of grouping items? It will gather certain selected items together and when you move a grouped item all items in the group move together in the specified orientation. This has its pros and cons for sure but let’s concentrate on the positive and the how.

Starting with the how, I have a SOLIDWORKS drawing here with a three point to point smart dimensions like usual. I going to select all three of them either by using the hold Ctrl and click items or window box select. Right click on one of the them and  near the end of the shortcut menu list is Group.

Group elements in SOLIDWORKS

Group elements in SOLIDWORKS

Now the pros to this. Drawings seem like they are in a perpetual state of being updated, moved around, items added and this removed. Having items grouped – that makes moving them around much easier and faster instead of clicking  one by one and moving individuals.

Like I mentioned with the seemly unlimited updates a drawing may get to remove individual dimension from a group or to dissolve a group completely right click on the group and same Group near the bottom of the list there are the options.

SOLIDWORKS Group Options

SOLIDWORKS Group Options

Learn more about Grouping annotations in SOLIDWORKS.

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