SOLIDWORKS 3D Sketches Tips & Tricks

Article by Rod Mackay updated August 25, 2022


Traditionally when working with SOLIDWORKS Sketches, one of the axes is ignored to allow for a simpler method of creating feature profiles.

However, when working in a three-dimensional space as opposed to traditional two-dimensions, your sketching may become difficult without the right knowledge or skills. Are you ready to learn some of the best tips and tricks for 3D sketching?

Watch the on-demand webinar as TriMech Process and Training Consultant, Sonya Kasper, discusses her favorite features of SOLIDWORKS 3D Sketches.

During this SOLIDWORKS 3D Sketches On-demand Webinar you will learn:

  • Understand use cases and investigate a weldment setup using SOLIDWORKS 3D sketches
  • Discusses 3D sketch relations and how they differ from some 2D relations
  • Create 3D sketch plane
  • Control 3D splines

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Sonya Kasper, Process and Training Consultant

Sonya joined TriMech in 2021 as a Process and Training Consultant. In this role, she is responsible for SOLIDWORKS post-sales services, which entails Training, CCV and Projects. Before joining TriMech, Sonya worked as a mechanical engineer in the medical field (Stryker), in a machine shop and for Cimquest as an Application Engineer.

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