Pipe Routing using only one elbow file with multiple angle configurations

Article by Rob Greer, CSWP updated September 30, 2010


In SolidWorks Pipe Routing we can only specify one default elbow for the route subassembly.  Historically this  meant that if we have more than one angle of elbow in the route, we had to browse each time for every case not matching the default.  Now we have a couple of options to help out with this situation.

There are 2 special elbows in the default design library.  They are the ones with “compound” in the name.  These elbows have configurations for 45°, 90° and 180°.  As long as there is a configuration in the elbow part that matches the angle of the route, you will not have to browse for a new elbow part file.

To use the elbow file, specify the elbow in the route properties.

Specify Elbow

Specify Elbow in Route Properties

Then sketch your route as usual.  When you exit the route sketch and there are different angles in the route, you will see the “Bends – Elbows” dialog.  You do not have to browse for a new file here.  Just pick the desired configuration from the list and click OK.  Second part of the tip: You can enable the “Use these settings for all other identical arcs” option in the same dialog for another potential time saver.

Bends - Elbows Dialog

Bends - Elbows Dialog

Pick the desired configuration as needed throughout the route and that’s it!

Route complete!

Route complete!

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