Time Saver – Predetermined Zoom in SolidWorks Drawings

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated February 14, 2011


Just a little tip that can save you big time when working with your drawings.

The predetermined view orientation is one of the tools most used in SolidWorks part and assembly environments. As you know, this tool can be accessed in multiple ways, two most popular being the Icon on the View (Heads-up) Toolbar and the shortcut assigned to the <SPACE> key.

The View (Heads-up) Toolbar

SpaceBar Shortcut Toolbar

In addition to the standard orientations you can save your custom ones, including the model section views. Just use the “Add New View” button on this toolbar.

Add New View

Once the new view was named and saved, it will be part of the View List allowing the user a quick access to that specific point of view.

Name your new view

The new view as a shortcut

Have you ever tried the same technique in the drawing environment? I know that sometime I used to have more than 10 drawing views on one E size sheet, plus various BOM, revision, hole and design tables. Focusing and zooming to any one of them was time consuming. Why not framing all this views individually and saving them as orientations, the same way we did for the parts and assemblies?

Take a look at this short video for an example of how it can be done:

Click here to play the video

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