Drawing Dimensioning – Foreshortened

Article by Wayne Chen, CSWP updated May 16, 2011


If you don’t know how to add foreshortened diameter dimension in the drawing, this article will help you.

When you add a detailed view of a cylindrical model from the side, you can put a diameter shown as above on the detailed view.

When adding the diameter dimension on the parent view, the top and bottom edges must be used in order to successfully create foreshortened dimension.

Hold down “Ctrl” and drag the 22.23 dimension from the parent to detailed view B, and you will see the correct result.

Right click on the new dimension and you can spot the foreshortened option which is enabled.

There are some limitations.  Tapered cylindrical or curved surfaces won’t work.  It needs to be a straight cylinder.

Sometimes the straight cylinder may still give you trouble:

15.82 dimension can’t transform to foreshortened in the detailed view.

If this is the case, you can modify the detailed view sketch:

Make sure the sketch is large enough to cover top and bottom edges.

Create the 15.82 diameter dimension right on the detailed view.

Right click on the dimension and enable “foreshortened” option.

Modify the detailed view sketch to original size and you will see the correct result!

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