Why Can’t I See My Temporary axes in the Part Environment?

Article by Matt Campbell, CSWE updated October 11, 2011


While sitting in on a SolidWorks Essentials training course, there were some really good questions from the students that I think everyone should know the answer to. Therefore, I am going to write a couple of fundamental knowledge blogs.

I have seen this issue a few times while training the Essentials class:

SolidWorks Part View

SolidWorks Sketch Selected

SolidWorks Heads Up View

SolidWorks Heads Up View

If you are wondering what Hide All Types is, SolidWorks help says:

SolidWorks Help File

SolidWorks Help File - Hide All Types definition

Hide All Types is a button that hides all of the features listed above. Also, if you are working in sheet metal and have a flat view on your drawing you will not be able to see the bend lines if Hide All Types is on.

SolidWorks View Menu


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