All Drawing Dimensions the Wrong Colour? See if the SOLIDWORKS Colour Display Mode is Enabled

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated July 30, 2012


If you open a drawing and all the dimensions seem to be a different colour than what you remember, there’s a good chance that your Colour Display Mode has been enabled.  This mode allows you to quickly toggle between colours applied through assigned layers/line colours and the overall system options.

System Options for Colour display mode

System Options

This Display Mode icon is located on the Line Format toolbar.  This can be turned on by going to View > Toolbars > Line Format.  When the mode is selected, the dimensions and annotations will pick up the colour settings found under Tools > Options > System Options > Colors.

Dimension Format

Dimension Format

When the Colour Display Mode is deselected, the dimensions and annotations can pick up colours assigned through layers or line colours.  If no layer or line colour is specified, it will default to the original System Options colours.

Layer Properties

Layer Properties 

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