Updating the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Vault

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated February 4, 2014


When SOLIDWORKS CAD software is updated to the latest release, the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Vault must also be updated. The following outlines how this can be done.

If possible, first:

  1. Have all users check in any files they currently have checked out.
  2. Ensure all users log out of the vault.

Lock the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Vault

To prevent users from logging in the vault during the update, the vault can be locked from the Vault Settings tab of the VaultAdmin tool.

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Vault

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup Vault Settings

Open the vault admin tool and ensure that Validate Vault, under the Vault Management tab is checked. This can ensure the integrity of the vault. The vault can also be rebuilt, in order to increase performance.  Please note, validating and rebuilding the vault can take several hours to complete. During this time the vault cannot be accessed.

Validate Vault controls

Validate Vault controls

From the  the Vault Management tab stop the SolidWorks Workgroup PDM service.

Stop Service

Stop Service

Make a backup of the vault.

Update the software

Start the Installation Manager by launching Setup from the installation media media.

After the Installation Manager Starts, select SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM from Server Products.

start installation

Note: Starting with Workgroup 2012, a validation code must be generated in order to complete the installation. Please refer to our blog post on Installing SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM server: Installing SOLIDWORKS 2016 Workgroup PDM Server

Restart the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Vault

After the installation has finished, restart the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM service, if it does not start on it’s own. When the service starts, the vault will be validated and rebuilt. Again this, can take several hours to complete. During this time the vault cannot be accessed.

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