SOLIDWORKS Multi-Line Custom Properties [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated May 8, 2015


There are some occasions where you may need a single Custom Property value to have multiple lines.  The Custom Property dialog only has one line and hitting enter will just evaluate the value for a single line.  However you can have SOLIDWORKS Multi-line Custom Properties by copying the values in from Notepad.

SOLIDWORKS Multi-Line Custom Property

Copy Multi-line Property from Notepad

The Evaluated Value column in the Custom Properties dialog will only display the first line, however if you link a Note to this property, it will display all the lines.

Link to Property

Link to Property

Here is a video demonstrating the workflow for SOLIDWORKS Multi-line Custom Properties:

More Custom Property Techniques

To learn more about working with SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties you can take our 2 day SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties Management live online training course.

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