SOLIDWORKS Nonlinear Simulation 2016 Releasing Prescribed Displacement

Article by Siavash Khajehhasani updated October 13, 2015


The better simulation software is the one with more capability to mimic the realistic engineering phenomena. Imagine that you have a nonlinear analysis with a load that varies with time, however, you do not want to have any load for a certain period of time somewhere in between the simulation time steps. Here in SOLIDWORKS Nonlinear Simulation 2016, imagination becomes reality.

One of the many enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Nonlinear Simulation 2016 is Releasing Prescribed Displacement. In a nonlinear study, you can release a prescribed displacement to have a closer mimic of a realistic application of load.

A prescribed displacement can be applied to selected geometry entities such as faces, edges or vertices. In the Fixture Property Manager, the prescribed displacement can be defined through ‘Use Reference Geometry’ under ‘Advanced Fixtures’. Its ‘Variation with Time’ can also be specified as a curve (see Fig. 1).

Releasing Prescribed Displacement

Fig. 1: Defining a Prescribed Displacement

As an example, consider this scenario that the prescribed displacement has to be turned off for the time steps between the 0.3 seconds to 0.6 seconds range, as shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Example of Prescribed Displacement Variation with Time

Fig. 2: Example of Prescribed Displacement Variation with Time

By clicking on ‘Edit’ button as depicted in Fig. 1, these values for variation of prescribed displacement can be entered, as depicted in Fig. 3. Wherein, we have the option to switch it off for a certain period of time.

Fig. 3: Time Curve

Fig. 3: Time Curve

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