SOLIDWORKS 2016 Instant2D for changing Sketch Dimensions

Article by Rod Mackay updated November 3, 2015


SOLIDWORKS 2016 introduces Instant2D to dynamically manipulate sketch dimensions in sketch mode. You can click a dimension and quickly change its value by dragging without the need to click Rebuild to reset the geometry.

With SOLIDWORKS 2016 Instant2D you can now:

  • View the dimension handles or Instant2D Rulers while selecting dimensions in sketch mode.
  • Edit dimensions for any dimension type in the dimension input value box by clicking a dimension value.

When working with a sketch drag on a dimension handle to adjust the dimension size graphically as shown in the figure below:

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Instant2D

Instant2D Sketch Manipulation

  1. Ensure the Instant2D  instant2d-icon tool is enabled on the Sketch CommandManager
  2. Pick a dimension and note the dimension handles (blue balls) appear on the dimension extension lines
  3. Click and drag a dimension handle and you’ll notice a ruler will appear allowing you to visually change the value
  4. Drag over the lines of the ruler and your pointer will snap to the rule lines to provide exact value changes:
    • Drag on the minor lines of the ruler to make small incremental changes
    • Drag on the major lines of the ruler to make large incremental changes
  5. Drop the pointer onto the value or position required and the sketch will update

NOTE: Instant2D is available in sketch mode for both 2D and 3D sketches.

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