SOLIDWORKS 2016 Component Preview Window

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE created/updated January 5, 2016

Have you ever needed to add a mate to that one particular face which is hidden behind other components?  You’ve probably rotated around, zoomed in, used Select Other, perhaps hid some components (try hovering over a component and hit Tab!), or maybe used the useful Isolate command.

Difficulty Selecting the Face you Need?

Difficulty Selecting the Face you Need?

SOLIDWORKS 2016 introduces the Component Preview Window that might be just the trick you were looking for.

How to activate the Component Preview Window

Simply pick on the component that’s difficult to select and choose the Component Preview Window tool from the pop-up menu.

Component Preview Window Tool

Component Preview Window Tool

This will now split your graphics area vertically and isolate the component you selected so you can zoom in and find that pesky face.  Just select the faces and add your mates.  Then click “Exit Preview” to return to a single screen with just the assembly displayed.

Split Graphics Area with Component Preview Window

Split Graphics Area with the Component Preview Window

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