SOLIDWORKS and ExactFlat are the Perfect Fit for the Textile Industry

Article by Scott Ellery updated March 1, 2016


ExactFlat Machine

In the textile industry it has always been a tedious and manual process to get a proper material pattern out of a cutter that fits perfectly the first time, this is where ExactFlat shines.   Exactflat uses complex proprietary algorithms developed by Scientists and CAD industry veterans over the course of 7+ years. The development team has paired the essential algorithms with industry-standard design, production and business functions to enable all departments in a business to work from one common data model — from upstream design tasks through to downstream costing and assembly tasks — driving unprecedented business productivity.

ExactFlat’s mission is to help soft goods fabricators bring their products to market faster, with lower effort, lower cost, and simpler process. To support this mission, Tri-D develops and provides software with features that address the essential workflow tasks associated with taking 3D designs from the CAD environment through to the cutting and manufacturing environments.  We invest in and constant renew our skills in 3 areas to differentiate ourselves from the competition

What industries is ExactFlat used in?

Perfect for applications in the textile industry, including but not limited to:

How does ExactFlat work?

The workflow is very simple and effective , it follows the entire design cycle from the CAD model to the cutter as well as costing the materials used, optional auto nesting of patterns for the most efficient material usage and , due to ExactFlat’s advanced automation, fast and easy documentation and drawings.


ExactFlat Process

ExactFlat Process

Watch the video below to see how easy and effective Exactflat is at quickly turning complex geometry into accurately cut and perfectly fitting patterns.

Learn more about ExactFlat

Visit our microsite to learn more about ExactFlat and the different applications for the software.

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