Using DriveWorks and 3D Printers to Create Custom Mobile Phone Cases

Article by Kelly Clancy updated September 23, 2016


Moogue use DriveWorks as a Sales Configurator to allow anyone to configure custom 3D printed phone cases quickly and easily from the comfort of their own home. They are based in the Netherlands and create their customizable phone cases using a 3D printer.

Using DriveWorks Pro as a Sales Configurator enables Moogue to offer custom designed phone cases online, to exact specifications.

DriveWorks 3D Printed Phone Cases

DriveWorks 3D Printed Phone Cases

DriveWorks spoke to Moogue Co-Founder Thijs Vernooij to find out more…

How Did Moogue begin?

“We experienced in our own lives that everyone wants the freedom of choice of the products we use every day. The people don’t want the standard or mainstream products anymore. Just by coincidence, we were talking about this and decided to roll the idea out for creating customized products.”

Moogue’s Customers

Who is your target audience?
“Our target are unique people with a strong character, old and young and those who know what they like. On top of that, we’re also facing companies who would have their logo, or company profile on our products – just like DriveWorks.”

How do you give your customers exactly what they want?
“We believe that consumers really know what they want and what they don`t want. That’s why we’ve created a platform where you can design your own products. The first result of this is“


How long did it take you to develop the Moogue business and website?
“The whole idea and project has been running for about 3 years now. Starting the business and creating the website took about 12 months developing time.”

How easy is it to add a case to the Moogue range when a new phone is released to the market?
“It’s still quite a lot of work because we want to have a perfect fit and protection of our cases, so every phone needs a bit of developing time. We are improving our projects to decrease the time to market.”

What technologies are you using?
“Basically SolidWorks, DriveWorks with web shop and Microsoft techniques.”

Why did you choose these technologies?
“The software we chose gave us the opportunity to create and develop our plans. It covered 3D-design, automated creation of models, and the web-based view for our customers.”

3D Printing

Customers can design the phone cases online from the comfort of their own home but where do you print them?
“We are printing at a location in the Netherlands”

Do you expect to have multiple Moogue printing facilities across the world?
“To decrease the delivery time, we might print on different locations in the world. We will only do this though if we are sure that the quality will be the same or better. This is very important for us.”

What 3D printers are you using?
“The accuracy we need for our products is very high. We can’t just use the home desktop printers for our product so we are using professional 3D Printers.”

How long does it take to print each phone case?
“Normally it takes about 24 hours to print a full batch, cooling down time included.

DriveWorks 3D PrintersMoogue’s Future

What challenges do you face?
“We are still looking for smart and creative people who would like to work together with us. Not only for creating cool designs, but also have software and website talents.”

What are Moogue’s plans for the future?
“Our plan is to launch many more products and sites where people can create their own product. We are facing a future where everyone wants to personalize and design their own products. We are looking for the next product to add to the Moogue brand, while also adding more designs and other brands to the phone cases website.”

See DriveWorks Pro in action

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