SOLIDWORKS Free Trial now available through MySolidWorks

Article by Rod Mackay updated February 9, 2017


Interested in a SOLIDWORKS Free Trial? Now, for the first time, you can try the SOLIDWORKS Online Premium Edition (with Model-Based Definition and Visualize Professional) anywhere, anytime, on any device through MySolidWorks (no download, installation, or serial number required!).

Announced at SOLIDWORKS World, anyone now has the ability to obtain a free online trial of SOLIDWORKS software on the MySolidWorks platform. MySolidWorks allows you to try the software online, and includes 100s of free training videos for you to learn how to get started. Watch the video below to learn more:

Getting the SOLIDWORKS Free Trial

STEP 1: First go to and select the JOIN button to create a free SOLIDWORKS online account — and follow the steps in the browser to create a new online account. Alternatively if you already have a MySolidWorks account just pick the LOG IN button and log in as normal.

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Access

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Access

STEP 2: After creating a new account or logging in, you just need to launch the free trial, a language and server will be preselected for you based on your location, and all you have to do is select Launch.

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Launch

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Launch

STEP 3: SOLIDWORKS online edition will now launch in your browser and you just need to pick ACCEPT or OK on any messages and license agreement dialogs that appear. SOLIDWORKS will then be available to use:

SOLIDWORKS Online Edition

SOLIDWORKS Online Edition

Sample Files: You will find a variety of assembly, part, and drawing samples pre-loaded in your session. Inside SOLIDWORKS: File > Open… browse to <This PC\Documents\SOLIDWORKS Product Trial\>. Or, just hit the ‘R’ key.

Your Files: To save and access your design data, you should connect to an online storage account (Box, Google Drive, Dropbox) using the respective icons in the lower right. Any files you save locally will be erased when your session ends or times out.

Accessing other SOLIDWORKS applications

Pick on the Gear icon for the Apps Menu in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, this is where you can access the different SOLIDWORKS applications like eDrawings or SOLIDWORKS Visualize, and you can also switch between applications, and quit the online session. This is very similar to the Start menu on Windows OS.

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Apps

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Apps

Accessing sample files

To test SOLIDWORKS you can try the exercises in the What’s New document, and you also have access to the what’s new files online.

  • DOCUMENT: Access the What’s New document by selecting Help > What’s New > HTML, or PDF, or What’s New Examples
  • FILES: To access the What’s New files go to File > Open and navigate to C:\Users\Public\Public
    Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 20XX\whatsnew\chapter name\filename.

TIP: Just hit the ‘R‘ key and the most recent sample files will be listed allowing you to quickly open a SOLIDWORKS file and edit it.

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Help

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Help

Accessing 100s of Training Videos

When you access the training catalog on MySolidWorks (by visiting > Training > Catalog) you’ll find a list of the latest lessons and a group of filters in the left-hand column. Using the filters you can quickly find the lessons you need and get your questions answered.

To filter the free lessons, in the left-hand column under Lesson Type pick Lessons and under Access Level pick Guest:

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Lessons

SOLIDWORKS Free Trial Lessons

Want to buy SOLIDWORKS?

You can download our SOLIDWORKS Canada price list or contact us about a SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course.

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