SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional enables easy collaboration with coworkers, customers and vendors

Article by Rob Hauser, CSPP updated July 5, 2017


How do you ensure everyone is working on a project within your company, and those involved from the outside, are connected and updated in real-time for true collaboration? They could be situated locally or around the world in our global economy, but they need to be kept aware of changes and updates to not only files, but also products and projects. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional includes the functionality to keep everyone aware and up-to-date while working on the same data sets without the fear of overwriting content.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Collaboration

File Replication

Replication of data to any location ensures your staffs have fast local access to the files they require. No more waiting for assemblies to load from a remote location! No more emailing, setting up and managing FTP sites, Drop Boxes or moving files to Memory Keys for delivery to other locations! Each of those outdated approaches just adds to duplicate files in other locations and files that are out of synchronization. Time is of the essence now more than ever.

PDM Professional offers built-in Vault Replication features which includes the ability to schedule file replication to a timetable that matches your companies needs and requirements. Simply configure a schedule that allows the Vault files that you wish to be available in one or more remote locations to be replicated. No need to replicate the entire vault content if all the content is not required in the remote location. The replication schedule can be set to only move the folders and files that are required by the users who are away from the main vault server. To save on network bandwidth, after the initial replication, only the files that have been changed need to replicated going forward. The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional system keeps track of what changes need to be replicated and to where. This maintains all locations with the same file content without the need to move every file.

What if a user in one location just finished a file change, and a different user in a different location needs access to that file before the next scheduled replication? Simple, SOLIDWORKS PDM Collaboration keeps track of this and automatically replicates the required file(s) “on-demand”. No need for input from either user! The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional replication feature ensures the correct version of all files are always available.

How often do you need to have input or approval from outside sources? How can you harness the power of the WEB?

Project drawing approvals from customers can be much more efficient when you implement the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional WEB 2 interface. Do you require a vendor to view preliminary models and drawings for a budgetary quotation? Do you wish there was a way to ensure that the vendor used the latest version of a model or drawing instead of mistakenly using out-of-date copies? The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional WEB 2 interface allows PC, IOS and Android based devices to access the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault. Simply assign User Credentials for you customers and vendors to only access the content that you wish them to! Track their access using the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional History and Log files. No more filling in document and file transmittal sheets to track what was sent to whom and when. All the logging is now automated with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and the WEB 2 Interface.



Have your customers approve models and drawings in a much more timely manner. Have vendors respond to changes in a more timely manner. No more courier packages. No more mailing of drawing files and memory keys. Then waiting for the customer to respond. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with the WEB 2 interface allows customers and vendors to view, comment, markup and propose new ideas over the web. Log their access, approvals or suggestions for faster turnaround and automatic notifications of their input.

Real-time Status

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is always aware of every files status and ensures all users have the access they require in a much more efficient and timely manner. Automatic notifications can be configured to instantly alert users of changes as documents, files, projects or products move through the various stages and states in your process. These notifications can be both automatically triggered by events and flags, or manually set by the user. Alerts keep users up-to-date on changes and the need for their input at the optimum time.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM Collaboration and File Management

Save time and effort by implementing the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault system with the WEB 2 interface and easily collaborate with your customers and vendors. Contact us to learn how easy it is to replicate files and allow other users access to real-time data.

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