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Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated August 25, 2017


Imagine you have a very crowded sketch in your part. Let’s say you want to pick an end point but the midpoints of lines, centerline or even the center point of a circle becomes selected.

As shown in following image, all of the “Sketch Snaps” are activated by default in SOLIDWORKS under Tools > Options > Sketch > Relations and Snaps.

Sketch Snaps Selected by Default in Tools > Options

Sketch Snaps Selected by Default in Tools > Options

Therefore, moving the mouse cursor close to any sketch entity would highlight the snaps. If too many sketch entities are gathered in one small location compared to the size of a big model, then selecting the right snap point would be a challenge even by zooming in to the spot.  Some of the snap options could be turned off from the list by un-checking, but you would have to go back and check them off the next time – not the recommended way of doing this.

Quick Snaps Toolbar

Now the question would be, is there an easier way of activating only one snap option at a time and leave the others not active? The answer is yes, thanks to the Quick Snaps toolbar in SOLIDWORKS. The following screenshot taken from SOLIDWORKS Help shows the available Quick Snap tools in SOLIDWORKS. The Quick Snap tools allows us to filter the selection of a mouse click to the specific sketch entity which is needed at a time.

Quick Snap Toolbar

For instance if “Center Point Snap” is selected only the center point of a circle or arc could be selected and anything else would be filtered out. This means, even if you click on a line endpoint, the center point of a circle which is close to that will be selected. Therefore, the zoom in/out could be eliminated as well.

The following image shows a good example of Quick Snaps in action.


Quick Snaps in Action – Center Point Quick Snap Is Selected

My SOLIDWORKS Quick Snaps are grayed out?

If you try to using SOLIDWORKS Quick Snaps for the first time, you may think that the toolbar is not available because it looks grayed out. Note that this toolbar only becomes active when a sketch entity is selected.

To ensure the tools are action,

  1. Select a sketch entity first
  2. Then before clicking on the graphics area, select the appropriate Quick Snap Tool
  3. And then you will notice that the mouse selection is filtered to what you chose in Quick Snap toolbar
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