SOLIDWORKS PDM Custom Properties & Sheet Tabs

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE created/updated November 8, 2017

Drawings do not have sheet specific custom properties and because of this, in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Card,  their properties always appear under the @ tab.



This can result in the @ tab and Sheet(s) tab(s) displaying differing information.

Different Info Displayed

Different Info Displayed


We can use the option Update all configurations in file data card, to ensure that sheet tabs and the @ tab show the same information, but this is not always the goal.

Update all configurations in file data card

Update all configurations

We may want to pull information, such as title-block information, that is unique to each Sheet and display it on the corresponding sheet tab, of the drawings data card. At the time this article was written, this is NOT possible. The problem stems from the fact, that sheets are not configurations. While in a part or assembly, we can access configuration specific properties, there is no such thing as sheet specific properties.

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