SOLIDWORKS 2018 Can Create and Attach STEP Files to eDrawings

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated November 7, 2017


When exporting SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies to the eDrawings filetypes (.eprt and .easm respectively), SOLIDWORKS 2018 can now automatically create and attach a STEP files of the model into the eDrawings file itself.  Everything is self-contained in a single file and you can extract the STEP files from the eDrawings file.

You will need to export the eDrawings file from within SOLIDWORKS.  Open the model and either choose File > Save As with the eDrawings filetype, or File > Publish to eDrawings.  The next pop-up window allows you to choose what configurations to save to the eDrawings file.  The second column allows you to select configurations to generate and attach a STEP file.  It can attach multiple STEP files (one for each configuration).  There are three supported STEP formats available: AP203, AP214 or AP242.

eDrawings 2018 create and attach STEP files

When the eDrawings file is opened, there is an Attachments pane showing all available STEP files attached to the file.  When you select one or more of the STEP files, you have 3 options.  The first is to View Attachment.  This will open the STEP file in its own window (as eDrawings can open STEP files directly).  This STEP file is still within the eDrawings file, but you have options to Extract or Delete from this view.

eDrawings 2018 View Attachments

eDrawings 2018 STEP File

Another option in the main eDrawings file is to Extract Attachments.  This will save out the attached STEP file to a location or your choice.

eDrawings 2018 Extract Attachment

The last option is to Delete the attachment(s).  This would be a permanent change if the eDrawings file is subsequently saved.  The model would need to be republished to an eDrawings file from SOLIDWORKS to include the attachment again.

eDrawings 2018 Delete Attachment

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