SOLIDWORKS Configurations and the ‘Save Bodies’ command

Article by Jamie Hill, CSWE updated May 10, 2018


The “Save Bodies” command is a great feature for saving out all or some of the individual bodies of a multibody part to their own individual part files while keeping them parametrically linked to the original. I’ve seen this used for a multitude of reasons, one of the most common being because of company standards and file naming conventions. The other day I had a customer that created their multibody part, used the ‘Save Bodies’ to push out the individual files, then went back to the master model and created some configurations.


Because these files are parametrically linked, they were expecting the new configurations to automatically be pushed out to the individual part files. Unfortunately this is not the case, and so we have stumbled upon somewhat of a limitation with this command (please submit your Enhancement Requests!).

Weldment Configuration

Weldment Configuration

In order to have your configurations pushed to the individual part files, you MUST make your configurations BEFORE you use the ‘Save Bodies’ feature. This will push out your bodies and configurations without a problem.

Body Configuration

Body Configuration

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Jamie Hill, CSWE

Jamie is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert working in the Javelin Oakville, Ontario, Canada office.