SOLIDWORKS 2019 Downloads Faster and with Greater Success

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 26, 2018


As SOLIDWORKS provides new tools and products to make your design process easier and faster, the SOLIDWORKS 2019 download size has inevitably got larger.  Yet computer technology is also increasing.  Hard drives have more capacity and internet speeds are increasing at the speed of light (pun intended).  I have a fiber optic internet connection with close to 200Mbps download speed.  An entire service pack download of SOLIDWORKS (~13GB) can be completed in about 20 minutes.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Installation Manager

Yet for those who don’t have access to high-speed broadband internet, the download can seem large and slow.  The SOLIDWORKS 2019 Installation Manager has been optimized to have faster downloads and a higher rate of success.  In some cases it has been found to be twice as fast.  But don’t expect a 20 minute download to be reduced to 10 minutes on a high-speed connection.  Though I did go from about 23 minutes to download SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP4, down to 20 minutes for SOLIDWORKS 2019.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Download Manager

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Installation Manager Download

The new download option is on by default.  It’s recommended to keep the option on when downloading for best performance and stability.  However if the new functionality is conflicting with your internet connection, this can be disabled to go back to the original download method.  Click on the SW icon in the top left corner to see the new option ‘Get Faster Downloads’.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Get Faster Downloads Option

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Get Faster Downloads Option

Be sure to enable the option ‘Speed up downloads by using more network bandwidth‘ (after checking with your IT).  This option has been around in previous versions but verify it’s enabled.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Download Options

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Download Options

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Download Problems

Some may have experienced a download error similar to the one below.  The new SOLIDWORKS 2019 Download method will provide additional solutions to avoid failure of downloads.

SOLIDWORKS Failed Download Warning

SOLIDWORKS Failed Download Warning

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