How to show SOLIDWORKS Equations and Custom Properties as fractions with your model in decimals

Article by Shawn McEachern updated September 27, 2018


Having to work in decimals and show SOLIDWORKS fractions in your drawing can be frustrating when you require the use of equations and custom properties. This issue is mostly overcome by using the weldment functionality. However, you may still face some issues with getting your values to show in the manner you desire. The following workaround will allow you to get the job done.

We have our equation which will calculate the total length of the material we will require by adding the length of the four members.

Global Variable

Global Variable

Create a sketch in your part and link the equation to a sketch dimension.

Linked Equation

Linked Equation

Now we need to show this in the drawing as a fraction.

SOLIDWORKS fractions in the drawing

Display SOLIDWORKS fractions in the Drawing

SOLIDWORKS fractions issues in the drawing:

  • Using a table to add the values results in only the whole numbers when using both addition and the SUM() function.
  • Showing a custom property as a note still shows decimals!

To solve this:

  1. Create a sketch in your model and draw a line,
  2. link the dimension to the equation result or custom property. The dimension shows as a fraction.
  3. Link the fractional dimension to a note and/or table.
  4. Remember to hide the sketch when you are done.
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