Why you should use the SOLIDWORKS Defeature Tool

Article by Rod Mackay updated August 28, 2019


Creating a digital twin of your real-life assembly can provide a lot of benefits; including accurate bills of materials, machining instructions, true-to-life simulation results, or stunning renders out of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. However, all of this can result in performance slow downs, this is where SOLIDWORKS Defeature tool enhancements can make your life easier!

As great as fully featured models and assemblies are, in some scenarios a defeatured version has benefits of it’s own:

  • The performance of large assembly with hundreds of iterations of the same bolt can be greatly improved by removing the threads of that bolt. This saves the assembly from generating the graphic triangles of the threads (of the hundreds of iterations) which can’t be seen anyways.
  • Defeaturing models is also useful for proprietary reasons like sharing models outside of the organization.
  • Using the SOLIDWORKS Defeature mode is simple and fast so you can reduce your models for whatever function is required.

SOLIDWORKS Defeature Tool Demo

Have a look at the video below to see SOLIDWORKS Defeature Tool in action:

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