Why is my SOLIDWORKS Macro not Running?

Article by Samony Riyaz updated October 7, 2019


Have you ever ran into a situation where your SOLIDWORKS Macro is not running? Or it looks like it runs but nothing happens and it doesn’t give you an error message?

The most common reason for this is that you’ve recently performed an upgrade on your SOLIDWORKS systems and the macro was created in an older version of SOLIDWORKS.

Use Case:

  • User Created the macro in SOLIDWORKS 2016
  • Performed an upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2019
  • Macro does not run anymore and doesn’t give any errors


  • Launch up the Macro in Edit mode. Ensure that you have access to the code (some code may be password protected – Check with the developer of the Macro)
    • Open SOLIDWORKS > Tools > Macro > Edit > Browse to the Macro Location
  • In the VBA Editor Window, Navigate to Tools > References and update the references seen below to the 2019 version.
    • SldWorks 2016 Type Library TO 2019
    • SOLIDWORKS 2016 Constants Type Library TO 2019
    • SOLIDWORKS 2016 Commands Type Library TO 2019

SOLIDWORKS Macro 2016 References

SOLIDWORKS Macro Not Running

SOLIDWORKS Macro 2019 References

Run the Macro and it should run as expected.

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