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New ways of specifying the Up Axis for View Orientation in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Article by John Lee, CSWP created/updated December 4, 2019

For years now, SOLIDWORKS has included many useful tools in the View Orientation window.  Now in SOLIDWORKS 2020, we can use that same window to specify whether to use Y or use Z for the Up Axis.  This will redefine all of the standard views (Top, Front, Right, Isometric, etc.)

  1. Press Space to bring up the View Orientation window, or right-click the graphics view and choose View Orientation
  2. Choose the desired option from the Up Axis Flyout (shown below)

    Specifying the Up axis

  3. Try out the new orientations.  Any existing drawing views will also be updated

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John Lee, CSWP

John Lee is inherently lazy in that he prefers to work smarter - not harder. A CSWP with over a decade of experience using SOLIDWORKS and a background in mechanical design, John has used SOLIDWORKS in various industries requiring design for injection molding, sheet metal, weldments and structural steel.

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