Do you have an Unexpected exploded body in your SOLIDWORKS part?

Article by Ben Crisostomo, CSWE updated March 26, 2020


It is very common to create multi-body parts with an accompanying exploded view. However, there may be occasions where an exploded view needs to be removed, and the result of that removal leaves an unexpected exploded body in your part.

The part below has a weldment along with a couple of solid body parts made from revolving, cutting and then mirroring. This issue is known and is documented in the Software Performance Report (SPR) 631816, but there is a workaround for it.

multi-body part

Phantom Exploded Solid Body

Fix for Phantom Exploded multi-body part

The first step is to go through the solid bodies and find the weldment parts that are in an exploded state. From there, right-click and select the Parent/Child… option as seen in the image below.

Parent/Child… Option

In the Parent/Child Relationships dialog box, select any of the items in the Children section that are connected to the multi-body part by right-clicking and selecting Delete… as seen in the image below.

Deleting all Children relationships

Once that has been completed, the part will behave as intended. If you run into an unexpected exploded body in your part, I highly recommend letting your VAR know about it so that they can add you to the SPR, which will increase the likelihood that it will be fixed.

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