SOLIDWORKS Drawing Custom Property Workflow Tutorial

Article by Rod Mackay updated May 18, 2021


In this drawing video tutorial certified SOLIDWORKS expert Jamie Hill takes you through the process of adding custom properties to components so that the related drawing will be automatically populated with the relevant manufacturing information:

Learn the picks and clicks for adding custom properties plus techniques for creating templates, using layers, and making modifications to drawings.

Become more efficient with your Drawing creation

Our SOLIDWORKS Drawings Service will help you to be more effective with your drawing creation process and reduce errors, the service includes:

  • Custom property propagation
  • Advanced select tools
  • Predefined tolerancing
  • Automatic note block generation
  • Predefined GD&T
  • Automatic Drawing View creation
  • Quickset print options
  • And more!

How the Drawing Service would help you

Every week we help customers become more productive. As Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts we spend a lot of time learning your tools and discovering the best techniques to use SOLIDWORKS more effectively. We want to help you identify and solve your drawing and manufacturing issues, then pass on best practices to your entire team.

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