SOLIDWORKS Drawings Service

Optimize your production drawing creation process


Reduce the number of drawing revisions by ensuring the use of standards and tolerances.


Reduce the amount of time spent creating, revising, and annotating production drawings.

Drawing ISSUES

One of the biggest issues that our customers face is a disconnect between the design and manufacturing departments.

Typically this means:

  • Engineering/design may not be providing the right information to manufacturing.
  • The as built part or assembly can often be different to the production drawing.
  • Too much time is spent on drawing creation and revisions.
SOLIDWORKS Drawings Users
Make your part


Our SOLIDWORKS Drawings Service is customized to solve your unique drawing production and manufacturing issues.

Certified SOLIDWORKS experts will analyze your current drawing production and manufacturing process, including your use of GD&T, templates, tables, revision management and PDM — to define your standards and best practices. Then train your team to adopt the new practices and be more proficient with SOLIDWORKS.

Typical Issues

Our Drawings and Manufactured Parts do not match?!

We waste time cloning projects, making revisions, and adding annotations to our drawings. Departments are not working effectively with PDM/MRP system.

We incur manufacturing costs for using tolerances that are too close for fit/function, or too open for correct assembly of our products.

Benefits from the Drawing Service

We determine what your manufacturing standards are, and implement a process and set-up to ensure your departments design and manufacture consistently to those standards.

We will help you to set-up your drawing production environment so that your team uses a comprehensive set of templates, tables, annotations, and work more effectively with your PDM and/or MRP system.

We can provide you with a more accurate design process and facilitate better communications between your design/engineering department and the shop floor. Including GD&T training and implementation of Model Based Definition (MBD).

How does the SOLIDWORKS Drawings Service work?

An onsite service to optimize your drawing to manufacture process

Phase 1

ANALYZE your Process

We will analyze your current production drawing to manufacturing process and determine where your problems occur.

This involves learning and understanding how your design team uses SOLIDWORKS to create production drawings, along with the communication and revision process with manufacturing.

If you manufacture on site then this phase will also include gathering information from your CNC Programmer or Manufacturing Engineer to understand the standards and tolerances you use, and how drawings are interpreted and revised if changes are required.

Phase 2


Work with your CAD Administrator or Power-user to set-up an optimized drawing environment. So that your entire team use a consistent set of SOLIDWORKS templates, tables, custom properties, library items, and drawing creation settings.

Optimization tasks can include: 

  • Defining folders on the server and/or PDM system for an effective drawing environment.
  • Defining drawing templates and custom properties for automated population of title blocks, views annotations, and tables.
  • Defining effective drawing tables, including BOM, revision, cut-list, and hole tables.
  • Creating commonly used title blocks, annotation blocks, and library items for a better workflow.
  • Defining a robust communication and revision process with manufacturing.
  • Establishing standards and the use of GD&T across all relevant departments.

Phase 3

Implement Process and TRAIN your Team

We will implement your optimized process and train your team on the best practices and techniques for creating your production drawings. The custom training will be delivered at your office on your drawings.

Implementation and training is tailored to your needs but can include the following:

  • Customized Sheet Formats and Templates.
  • Customized Drawing Library, Annotation and Blocks.
  • Using Custom Properties effectively to annotate drawings.
  • Large Assembly Drawing performance techniques.
  • Best Practices for Bill of Materials and Tables.
  • Advanced techniques on the use of Drawing References and Comparison techniques, including reusing a drawing file, changing drawing references, and the design checker.
  • Communicating manufacturing information more effectively with GD&T and Model Based Definition (MBD) Characteristics and Symbols.
Engineers with drawings

Why use our Custom Drawing Service?

Every week we visit customer sites to help them be more productive.

As Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts we spend a lot of time learning the tools and discovering the best techniques to use SOLIDWORKS effectively. We want to help your business identify and solve drawing and manufacturing issues, then pass on best practices to your entire team.

Interested in a SOLIDWORKS Drawings Service?

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