Excluding a manufacturer part from a BOM in SOLIDWORKS Electrical (2019-current)

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated January 31, 2023


You can hide or show components in the BOM using the ‘Exclude from bill of materials’ property located in the Manufacturer part properties dialog box in SOLIDWORKS Electrical as seen in the image below. Please note that this property will be pushed into assemblies and 3D parts as well.

exclude from bill of materials

Finally, you can use a filter in the Reports Properties to hide or show components that are excluded from the bill of materials.

Excluding from BOM through Manufacturer Part Properties

There are two ways to select the ‘Exclude from bill of material’ parameter from the Manufacturer part properties.

  • Using the Manufacturer parts manager to exclude manufacturer parts from BOMs:
    1. Library > Manufacturer parts manager
    2. Select the specific manufacturer part to edit
    3. Click on Properties > Select the Exclude from bill of material dialog box
  • Using symbols/components in the project to exclude manufacturer parts from BOMs
    1. In the drawing area, right click the desired symbol > Select Symbol properties or Component properties.
    2. Go to the Manufacturer part and circuits tab > Click on Properties
    3. Select the Exclude from bill of material dialog box.

Note that this property will only propagate to the specific manufacturer part that is associated with the symbol. The modifications will not be present in the properties of the manufacturer parts stored in the Manager.

Excluding from BOM through Filter in Report

The ‘Report manager’ has a filter that allows you to hide manufacturer parts that are selected with Exclude from BOM.

To generate a BOM using the ‘Exclude from BOM’ filter:

  1. Go to the Project tab > Click Reports
  2. Add > Select ‘Bill of Materials with electrical assemblies sorted by Mark with file number’ report > Click OK
  3. Select Add filter > Go to the Conditions tab
  4. Double click on the ‘Exclude from bill of materials’ field > Click OKexclude from BOM
  5. Click Generate drawings

With only a few steps, you can easily exclude a manufacturer part from a BOM in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. If you would like to learn more, check out our extensive list of training courses available.

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