Repair of SOLIDWORKS File Utilities

Article by Brandee Videcak updated April 7, 2023


In this article, we will go over the steps on how to repair a missing SOLIDWORKS File Utilities Manager in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. As the File Utilities can sometimes be hidden, or not appear at all. We will first take a look at the possibility of the File Utilities manager hidden within a Windows 11 operating system, then move towards repairing an installation for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

If you are on a Windows 11 computer, or recently updated your operating system to a Windows 11 computer, you may not see the File Utilities manager right away.

When right clicking on the file, the initial menu will not show the File Utilities. Once you select the option to show more options, you will get a secondary menu that looks very similar to a Windows 10 computer.

If you do not see the menu after showing more options on a Windows 11 computer, or when you right-click on a file on a Windows 10 machine, the next place to check to see if the option is selected within the Product Selection option in the Installation Manager.

This can be found by going to Control Panel>[when using View by: small or large icons; Programs and Features] or [when using view by: categories; Programs>Programs and Features]>SOLIDWORKS >Modify/Change.

*Note that the SOLIDWORKS File Utilities Manager has replaced File Explorer in SOLIDWORKS 2020 and higher.

Once the Installation Manager opens, you will choose the option to Modify this Installation, and continue until you see the Product selection page.

solidworks file utilities

If the SOLIDWORKS File Utilities product is not selected, please select it and run the modification.

If the SOLIDWORKS File Utilities product is selected when you open the Product page, and you still do not see the File Utilities in File Explorer, please follow the below steps:

  1. Uncheck File Utilities option from the Product selection page
  2. Follow through to modify the installation
  3. Go back through Control Panel > Programs and Features > SOLIDWORKS > Change
  4. Choose Modify this installation, and browse to the Product selection page
  5. Recheck the File Utilities
  6. Follow through to modify the installation
  7. Check your Windows File Explorer and see if the File Utilities Manager reappears

Most of the time, these steps will resolve the behavior.

Doing a restart of the computer after making these modifications is always recommended as well.

If you have an installation that was created by an Administrative Image, these steps would not be present for you. The best option in this case is to contact your administrator, or whoever created the Admin image, to redeploy the administrative image. The steps to modify the Administrative Image to remove and re-add the File Utilities would be present in the Administrative Image Options.

Once you have attempted the steps detailed above, and the File Utilities still fail to appear within the context menu for Windows Explorer, please reach out to us on the Client Success Team here at TriMech for additional support. That way we may assist in returning you back to productivity with SOLIDWORKS as quickly as possible!

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