How To: Importing and Exporting Vault Settings

Article by Haley Huffman updated May 3, 2023


If you are looking to setup a new SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault you may have settings you want to use from an existing vault, we can do this by exporting the vault settings of the pre-existing vault and importing them to the new vault.  In this blog, we will go over both importing vault settings and exporting vault settings.

We can export all settings except for in the tools for indexing, license, message system, and toolbox.  When we export vault settings, they are exported as .cex files.

Exporting Vault Settings

To export vault settings, first open the Administration tool and login to your vault.  Then right click the object desired to export and choose export. The Administrative export file dialog box opens up and lists the object being exported and settings used by that object.  In this dialog box, you add, remove, or modify the settings.  To remove settings or a variable right-click and click remove.  To add a setting, drag them into the dialog box.  To modify settings, double click it.  To save exported settings, choose file>save.

Import Settings

To import vault settings, you can right click the vault in the administration tool, click import and select the desired .cex file.  You can also drag an object from one vault to another.

Whether you are copying a vault for a sandbox environment to test out settings or simply duplicating a vault importing/exporting vault settings can be a beneficial time saving tool. Looking for more tips like this one? Check out all of our other SOLIDWORKS PDM blogs and on-demand webinars. Are you using SOLIDWORKS to its full potential? If you need a deeper dive into PDM to enhance your skills and capabilities, we offer a range of SOLIDWORKS PDM training courses for users and administrators of both SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and Standard versions led by certified instructors.

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