SolidNetwork License Manager Options File to Control Timeout Period

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated August 10, 2010


The SolidNetwork License Manager has a default timeout period of 2 hours.  This means if someone is using a network license but they leave their desk for a period of time, the license will timeout and be released back to the server.  This can be changed to any time period between 15 minutes and 2 hours.  The timeout is triggered based on inactivity of the entire machine, not just the SOLIDWORKS application.

In order to control the timeout, you will need to generate an Options file that is read by the License Manager.  This is a simple text file with key information on what to control.  By default there is no Options file.


Open the SolidNetwork License Manager on the server and choose ‘Modify’


Choose ‘Activate/Reactivate your product’ and Next


Select to use an Options file.  If you already have an options file saved somewhere else, you can browse to the folder.  Otherwise the default folder will be C:\Program Files (x86)\SOLIDWORKS SolidNetwork License Manager\Licenses.

Click ‘Edit’ if you don’t have one yet.


This will open Notepad asking you to save out a file ‘sw_d.opt’.  Keep it in the default location.


Within this Options text file, you can add multiple lines to manage different things.  Changing the timeout period will have a line using the following syntax (without brackets).

TIMEOUT <product feature name> <time in seconds>

The bottom of this blog post includes a list of all product feature names that can be used.  In this scenario we will change the timeout for the SOLIDWORKS application itself.  This uses the product feature name ‘solidworks’.

Keep in mind that the time is in seconds.  So to reduce it to 1 hour, you’d enter 3600.

You can also set the timeout period for all products using TIMEOUTALLSTEP 6

Once you save this sw_d.opt file, you can verify that the file is in the correct folder listed and click Next


Use Select All to highlight all licenses and continue through the activation process


To check if the License Manager is using the Options file, go to the Server Administration tab in the License Manager and select ‘View Log’.  Then search through the text document for ‘Using options file’.  This will show the path of the Options file being used.


More information regarding the Options file can be found in the FLEXlm User’s Guide, which is located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\SolidWorks SolidNetWork License Manager\docs\flexuser.



SOLIDWORKS Standard – solidworks
SOLIDWORKS Office – swoffice
SOLIDWORKS Professional – swofficepro
SOLIDWORKS Premium – swofficepremium
SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Premium – swofficepremium_cwadvpro
SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Professional – swofficepremium_cwpro

SOLIDWORKS Motion – cae_cosmosmotion
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard – cae_cwstd
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional – cae_cwpro
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium – cae_cwadvpro
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation – cae_cosmosfloworkspe
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation HVAC Module – cae_cosmosflowork_hvac
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Electronic Cooling – cae_cosmosflowork_elec
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard – plastics_pro
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional – plastics_premium
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium – plastics_advanced
SOLIDWORKS Sustainability – swsustainability

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor & Web – swepdm_cadeditorandweb
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Contributor & Web – swepdm_contributorandweb
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Processor License – swepdm_processor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Viewer – swepdm_viewer
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard CAD Editor – swpdmstd_cadeditor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Contributor – swpdmstd_contributor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Viewer – swpdmstd_viewer

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional – elec2d
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D – elec3d
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional – elecpro
SOLIDWORKS PCB Professional – pcbpro
SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector for Altium – pcbaltium

SOLIDWORKS Composer – swcomposer
SOLIDWORKS Composer Check – swcomposer_check
SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Pro – swcomposer_playerpro
SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync – swcomposer_sync
SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync – swcomposer_syncenterprise

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional – swinspection_pro
SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standard – swinspection_std
SOLIDWORKS MBD Standard – swmbd_std

SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional Contributor – swmanagepro_contributor
SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional Editor – swmanagepro_editor
SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional Processor License – swmanagepro_processor
SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional Viewer – swmanagepro_viewer

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard – visustd
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional – visupro
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost – visuboost

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard – camstd
SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional – campro

SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Professional – edrw
DraftSight Enterprise – draftsightpremium

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