How to edit SOLIDWORKS Drawing Notes that are linked to File Properties

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE created/updated September 6, 2011

As you may know, SOLIDWORKS linked drawing notes can be connected to the file properties of the drawing and/or components.  After inserting a note, click the “Link to Property” button in the Note PropertyManager as shown below:

Link to Property

Link to Property

You then have four options from which to grab the custom properties. Search for “Link to Property” in the SOLIDWORKS Help for a description of each option.

The drop-down menu allows you to select the custom property from the specified file. Once finished you will notice that the note adds the corresponding value for the custom property.  If you edit the note and click “Link to Property” again it just adds another link and doesn’t automatically remove the previous value.

You could delete the previous value and add another link, but there is an option to edit the equation.

SOLIDWORKS linked drawing notes

Link to Property dialog

Options for SOLIDWORKS linked drawing notes

Right-click the note and select “Edit Text in Window.”  This will open a dialog box showing the equation of the link.  The 4 options that were provided in “Link to Property” correspond to the following equations:

  • $PRP:”Custom Property Name”
  • $PRPVIEW:”Custom Property Name”
  • $PRPSHEET:”Custom Property Name”
  • $PRPMODEL:”Custom Property Name”

$PRP points to the drawing.  $PRPVIEW points to overall model for the view that the note is attached to.

If you didn’t double-click the view before adding the note, you can turn on and attach a leader to the model, and then hide the leader again.  $PRPSHEET points to the overall model referenced in the default view specified in the sheet properties.  By default it is set as the first view on the sheet.  $PRPMODEL points to one component of the assembly.  You will need to have a leader attached to the component (and can be hidden).

Edit Text in Window

Edit Text in Window

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