How can Toolbox Parts that has been checked into PDM as Revision Managed be Changed to Non-Revision Managed?

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE created/updated September 12, 2011

If a Toolbox part was checked into a Workgroup PDM vault with option ‘allow check-in of documents’ checked under the Standard Libraries tab of the VaultAdmin Tool. That part will remain revision controlled even if the option is cleared later on. If you want to stop from having this part revision controlled, please do the following.

  1. Place a backup copy of the file in a non standard local directory on a client machine.
  2. To check in a Toolbox part you must first remove the Toolbox flag.  Navigate to the SolidWorks installation folder and then navigate to the Toolbox/Data Utilities folder. Run “sldsetdocprop.exe”, add the Toolbox file that is to be modified by setting the Property State to “No”, and click Apply
  3. From a PDMWorks Workgroup client, perform a Document Information for the file and select the Where Used tab.
  4. From the Where Used tab, Output the where used information to a text file.
  5. Using the VaultAdmin Tool, lock vault for administrator only.  This will prevent other users from checking in standard documents while the Enable Check in of standard documents is turned on.
  6. Using the VaultAdmin Tool, Enable check in of standard documents.
  7. From a PDMWorks Workgroup client, right click on the toolbox file to be removed and delete the file from the PDMWorks vault.
  8. Re-set the Toolbox flag on the file (as per step 2).
  9. Using the VaultAdmin Tool, Disable check in of standard documents and reselect Display references in a separate project if desired.
  10. From a PDMWorks Workgroup client, check the file back into the PDMWorks vault.
  11. Check out each of the files from the Where Used report and check them back in, this will re-establish the proper display of the file as a child reference in the PDMWorks vault tree view.

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