Including the PNG Image Background in a PhotoView 360 Rendering [VIDEO]

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated June 7, 2015


In a previous article we explained how you can save a PNG file from Photoview 360 with a transparent background, but what if you want the PNG image background included with the higher image quality of the PNG file?  No problem.  It’s actually a very simple procedure but not one that might be immediately apparent if you aren’t familiar with the Luxology software that PhotoView 360 is based on.  All it takes is pausing for a moment to smell the roses … or in this case to hold down the save button.

Save Layered Image

Save Layered Image

After you’ve created the photorealistic render in the Final Render dialog, click the left-mouse button on the “Save Image” button and hold it down for a moment.  A flyout menu will appear giving you the option to “Save Image” or “Save Layered Image”.  Select the option to “Save Layered Image”.

Multi-file PNG Layers

Multi-file PNG Layers

In the Save dialog box, set the Save As Type to “Multi-file PNG Layers”.  This will save two PNG files, one with the Alpha channel output and the other with the Final Color Output.  The Final Color Output file will be a lossless PNG with the render background included.


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