How to change the SolidNetWork License Manager Communication Port [VIDEO]

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated October 19, 2015


The default ports used by the SolidNetWork License Manager are 25734 and 25735.

In some cases though these ports may already be in use.  If that is the case, the port used by the SNL Manager can be changed easily through the activation options.

Change the SolidNetWork License Manager Communication Port

Step 1:  Launch the SolidNetwork License Manager and on the Server Administration tab, click the Modify button.

change the SolidNetWork License Manager Communication Port

1 – Select Modify

Step 2:  Select Activate/Reactivate a software license and click Next >

2 - Activate-Reactivate

2 – Activate-Reactivate

Step 3:  To control both ports, ensure that the option A firewall is in use on this server is checked.

3 - Firewall

3 – Firewall

Step 4:  The default port numbers can be modified by entering in the new port numbers in the text fields on the Server Information page.  Once the new port numbers are entered click Cancel.  The SNL Manager will now begin communicating across the ports specified.

4 - New Ports Assigned

4 – New Ports Assigned

Video Demonstration

Here is a video demonstrating the steps:

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