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Article by Rod Mackay updated November 6, 2015


Have you ever tried picking a command from the SOLIDWORKS Command Manager only to accidentally drag the manager into the graphics area when you did not intend to?! Now in SOLIDWORKS 2016 there are safeguards to reduce this frustration and prevent it from happening altogether if desired.

New drag/undock method

Firstly in order to move the CommandManager in SOLIDWORKS 2016 you must drag it via one of the tabs. In fact if you try and pick on the manager and try and drag it from anywhere else other than a tab SOLIDWORKS will display a tooltip to remind you about the new method. Shown in the example below the manager was unable to be dragged unless selected by a tab:

Undock SOLIDWORKS Command Manager

Undock SOLIDWORKS Command Manager

Permanently lock the SOLIDWORKS Command Manager

The other safeguard available to you is a new option to lock the Command Manager in place. Here is how to enable the option:

  1. Right-click on the Command Manager and select Customize from the shortcut menu
  2. In the customize dialog enable the option Lock Command Manager and toolbars as shown in the figure below
  3. Pick OK
Command Manager Customize dialog

Command Manager Customize dialog

Now when you try and drag the Command Manager it will be locked into place. This will help to reduce the frustration of inadvertently dragging it out of place.

NOTE that if you have disabled the CommandManager to use toolbars instead — all of your toolbars will be locked into place with the option enabled.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS 2016

To learn other what’s new tip and tricks like the SOLIDWORKS 2016 CommandManager Lock you should watch a recording of our recent launch event broadcast.

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