My SOLIDWORKS Detail View Circle is stuck?!

Article by Chris Briand, CSWE updated February 12, 2016


We all have moments where we’re in a bit of a rush and accidentally end up with some unintended consequences. We see this particular issue quite a bit when it comes to drawings and the placement of Detail View Circles upon your primary or “Parent” view.

Typically we won’t discover that the detail view circle is frozen in place until we go back and make a modification to a view.

Take the seasonal example drawing here for instance, Detail View “C” is not exactly where we wanted it to be placed, the original intent was to have the view placed over the “Carrot Nose” in the center of the head.

SOLIDWORKS Detail View Circle

Wrong location of ‘Detail C’ View

Any attempts to select the SOLIDWORKS Detail View Circle’s center point, and drag it to the desired location are met by a distinct lack of any movement whatsoever?!

Original detail circle

Original detail circle

It is discovered that when the original circle for Detail View “C” was placed, the user neglected to hold down the CTRL key, which would have disabled the automatic sketch relation that applied itself between the center of the detail circle and the outer edge of the scarf.

How  do we go about repairing the damage?

As it turns out it’s as simple as editing a SKETCH!

Right Click on the Detail View Circle and choose the “Edit Sketch” option from the menu

Edit Sketch from shortcut menu

Edit Sketch from shortcut menu

This option will provide you direct access to the sketch that was used to place the SOLIDWORKS Detail View Circle in the first place.  Where you can then remove the Sketch Relations that are affecting your ability to re-position the circle.

Snowman Detail Circle Sketch

Snowman Detail Circle Sketch

Once the edits are complete, at long last we have our re-positioned detail view!

Detail View Repositioned as desired

Detail View Repositioned as desired

Learn more about Drawings

To learn more about working with drawings in SOLIDWORKS you should plan to attend one of our SOLIDWORKS Drawings training course in a classroom near you or live online.

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