SOLIDWORKS Rx now provides a Reliability Report & Reboot Check

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated October 14, 2016


The new SOLIDWORKS Rx Reliability Report provides more data to help you identify the cause of a SOLIDWORKS crash and verify prerequisites on your machine. Also, you can monitor graphic card driver updates, free hardware space, capture problems, etc.

To access the tools in SOLIDWORKS Rx, from the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Tools > SOLIDWORKS Rx. One easier way in newer Windows OS is click on the Windows start button and type in rx.

SOLIDWORKS Rx has a new look for 2017, and unlike previous versions the Rx window is now resizable. SOLIDWORKS Rx 2017 provides more data to help you identify the cause of a crash and verify prerequisites on your machine.

SOLIDWORKS Rx Reliability Report

The Reliability tab includes a chart reporting sessions that have terminated in the past 60 days. The chart indicates whether a session ended normally or with a crash. For crash events, the call stack displays along with a count of how many times that call stack appeared during the past 60 days. The Reliability tab also displays Windows events for the five minutes preceding each crash, including session termination and installation events.

Reliability Tab in SOLIDWORKS Rx 2017

Reliability Tab in SOLIDWORKS Rx

SOLIDWORKS Rx Diagnostics

As shown in the following image, the Diagnostics tab in SOLIDWORKS Rx 2017 displays the time since the last reboot and whether a reboot is pending. Due to background downloading and installation of updates for both Windows and SOLIDWORKS, rebooting from time to time would help toward better general performance of your computer.

SOLIDWORKS Rx Reliability Report

SOLIDWORKS Rx Provides Reboot Check

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