SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 Rollback Enhanced to include References

Article by Justin Williams updated November 2, 2016


The Rollback feature in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 has been enhanced to allow a parent file to be rolled back with its child references and files indicated as sub-parents (such as drawing files) to a previous version, state and revision.  Previously this command could only be performed on individual files and didn’t include referenced files.

NOTE: This function should be used with caution as it permanently deletes file versions.  Permission should be limited to the appropriate personnel only.

Navigate to the selected file and Right-click > History;

File History

Right-click > History

Then Select the previous version you’d like to return to and click Rollback;

Select the previous version you’d like to return to and click Rollback

Select previous version > Rollback

Warning! This action will PERMANENTLY DELETE ALL VERSIONS that were created after the selected point and cannot be reversed

Rollback Warning

Rollback Warning

Then check all the boxes for referenced files you’d like to Rollback with the file and select Continue;

SOLIDWORKS PDM Rollback References

Select Files To Rollback

Now the assembly and it’s references will be returned to the selected previous version, including state and revision;

Rollback Complete

Rollback Complete

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