Flag Notes in SOLIDWORKS Drawings

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated December 26, 2016


Recently we have received a lot of questions on how to create and use a SOLIDWORKS Flag Note. In this blog article, some of the settings of flag notes are demonstrated in hopes that it will answer the frequently asked questions.

What is a SOLIDWORKS Flag Note?

When you have a number of notes added to your drawing and need to specify which note belongs to which portion of the drawing, you can flag each note with a number and assign its number to a particular location using the Balloon command.

Some drawing documents have multiple pages and users need to continue numbering from the numbering of the previous pages. One other question we get in support is that if we can start the numbering from a number bigger than one? The answer is YES. The numbering in the notes could start from any number.

You see in the following image, numbering has started from 12. To adjust that, first select the number by left-clicking and then right-click on the number and select Paragraph Properties. In the pop up window, you can enter which number you want to start numbering from. Also, the rules of notes stand here as well. For instance, stacked notes can be added or line spacing can be adjusted. To manage the paragraph spacing and numbering see how to manage SOLIDWORKS Drawing Note bullet/number spacing blog.

Flag Notes in SolidWorks Drawings

Flag Notes in SOLIDWORKS Drawings

How to Flag the Notes in Drawings

The following screenshot demonstrates how notes can be flagged. First the notes have to be numbered. Then, each number is selected by double-clicking on the notes and then left-click on each number. Now, from the command manager on the left the border shape, border size could be selected. By clicking on the check box, that flag note would be added to the flag note bank.


Add Flag Notes to Drawing Notes

Assign Flag Notes to Balloons

Now that notes are flagged, they can be assigned to balloons. Add balloons in the same way a manual balloon is added in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing. Select a balloon and then check “Flag Note Bank” from the property manager on the left. Next, from the list in the SOLIDWORKS flag note bank select the associated flag note. At this stage, the balloon’s border shape and number changes to the shape and number of that specific flag note. For more information please see how to Link SOLIDWORKS Flag Notes to Balloons or Notes in a Drawing.

Assign a Flag Note to a Balloon

Assign a Flag Note to a Balloon

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