Create Documentation Content with SOLIDWORKS Composer 2018

Article by Rod Mackay updated October 31, 2017


SOLIDWORKS Composer is a fantastic tool for generating 2D and 3D visual content for use in product manuals, assembly instructions, and interactive web content. In 2018, these capabilities are taken even further with several great updates and enhancements.

Import SOLIDWORKS display states, colours & textures

When importing your CAD model from SOLIDWORKS, display state appearances, as well as colours and textures, are now imported along with the part geometry. This helps ensure that what you see in SOLIDWORKS is what you get in Composer 2018.




Also new, is the ability to import Bills of Materials (BOMs) directly from your SOLIDWORKS assembly. This functionality saves you from having to recreate a BOM that has been made already in SOLIDWORKS!

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2018 Animation Mirroring

Animation Mirroring

Mirror Animations

In SOLIDWORKS Composer 2018, you now have the ability to mirror sections of your animations! By selecting specific animation blocks (as created using the Animate workshop), you can easily create mirrored animations of specific steps of animations.

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