SOLIDWORKS 2018 Hexalobular (Torx) Toolbox Hardware

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated October 4, 2017


SOLIDWORKS 2018 adds SOLIDWORKS Toolbox hexalobular fasteners, commonly known as Torx.  The 6-point star shaped drive can be found in automobiles, power equipment, computers, electronicsm, etc .  As the hexalobular profile has been standardized under ISO 10664, you can find these fasteners under the ISO standard in the Toolbox.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Hexalobular (Torx) Hardware

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Hexalobular (Torx) Hardware

Within the ‘Bolts and Screws’ directory you can find ‘Hexalobular Socket Head Screws’ and ‘Self Tapping Screws’.  Each of these folders contain the hexalobular fasteners.

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox hexalobular fasteners

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Toolbox ISO Hexalobular Directory

The hexalobular types included are:

  • ISO 14587 (2011) Hexalobular Socket Raised Countersunk (oval) Head Tapping Screws
  • ISO 14581 (2013) Hexalobular Socket Countersunk Flat Head Screws
  • ISO 14582 (2013) Hexalobular Socket Countersunk Head screws, High Head
  • ISO 14584 (2011) Hexalobular Socket Raised Countersunk Head Screws
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Toolbox Hexalobular Hardware Types

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Toolbox Hexalobular Hardware Types

Just like with any other Toolbox fastener, these can be customized to add sizes or properties.

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Configuration

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Configuration

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