Exporting Search Results from the Integrated Search in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated November 27, 2017


Beginning with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018, users no longer have to go to the Search Tool to export search results from SOLIDWORKS PDM.

The “Open Search Results” and “Export Results” commands are available directly in the integrated search tool within the PDM Vault View.

The “Open Search Results” command will immediately launch the results of the search in a Microsoft Excel document.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Export Search Results

Open Search Results

The “Export Results” command will launch a dialog to save the SOLIDWORKS PDM Export Search Results to a .csv file.

Export Results

Export Results

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Export Search Results can be imported to a spreadsheet at a later time:

Exported Search Results

Exported Search Results Imported into Excel


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