How to reset a vault specific SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin Password

Article by Justin Williams updated July 24, 2018


In a previous post I showed you how to reset the ‘default’ SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault Admin Password. If you’ve ever had the chance to participate in one of my administering SOLIDWORKS PDM training class, you’ve likely heard my rant lecture on the benefits of a sandbox vault.

A Sandbox Vault gives us a place to test and troubleshoot vault issues or changes in a safe place, before implementing any changes in our primary production vault.  This sandbox vault isn’t something we’ll likely be using daily, and with that said; it’s easy to forget the password as we’re maybe not using it often.  I recently had a scenario where I needed to reset the SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin Password, in test vault without affecting my primary vault.

Reset a vault specific Admin password

  • Login to the archive server with local administrative permissions
  • Open the registry editor
    • Start > Run > Regedit
Start > Run > Regedit

Start > Run > Regedit

WARNING: Please be very careful when editing or deleting any entries in the Windows Registry as changing the wrong entry can lead to major issues on your system.

  • Navigate to; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\ArchiveServer\Vaults\[vaultname]\ConisioUsers
  • Delete the key ‘Admin’

Delete the Admin key

  • Start the Archive Server Configuration Tool
    • Start > Programs > SOLIDWORKS PDM > Archive Server Configuration
Start > Programs > SOLIDWORKS PDM > Archive Server Configuration

Start SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server

  • Archive Server Configuration Tool > Archives > [Vault Name]
    • Right-Click Properties > Properties
Archive Server Configuration Tool > Archives > [Vault Name]

Archive Server Configuration Tool > Archives > [Vault Name]

  • Select the ‘Login’ tab
    • Clear the checkbox ‘Use default Admin User’
      • Enter the existing default Admin password under ‘Current Password’
      • Enter the new password for the vault specific admin account
Default login type

Default login type

Note: If the default Admin password is lost or forgotten, you can use this guide to reset it.

  • After hitting OK the ‘Admin’ key will be recreated in the registry and the new password set
Admin key recreated

Admin key recreated


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