SOLIDWORKS 2019 Additional Animation Output File Types

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated December 26, 2018


SOLIDWORKS animations give life to your models.  These can be exported to various file types.  Prior versions only allowed exporting as AVI (video), BMP (images) or TGA (images) files.  SOLIDWORKS 2019 has added additional common formats which is useful in many situations.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Animation Output File Types

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Animation Output File Types

Video formats:

  • *.avi
  • *.flv
  • *.mkv
  • *.mp4

Series of images:

  • *.bmp
  • *.jpg
  • *.png
  • *.tga
  • *.tif

Below is a great example of why this is useful.  I’m not able to insert an AVI video into this blog post and have it viewable directly in the browser.  It would only give a link to download the file.  However with the MP4 export, I could drag and drop the video below and it can be viewed within the browser.

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