Unable to Save after Changing a SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profile?

Article by Ben Crisostomo, CSWE updated August 7, 2019


So you are working on a SOLIDWORKS Weldment part, you go to save, and suddenly the following error message appears:

Unknown Error while Saving

Figure 1: Unknown Error while Saving

If you are unable to save after changing a Weldment Profile, this could be caused when there is a set of custom properties whose value is defined by a cut list property; e.g. length, mass, and the setting “Update automatically” is turned off, as seen in the image below. Right click on the Cut List then select Update Automatically will turn it on, as indicated by the check mark on the left.

Update Automatically Toggle

Figure 2 Update Automatically Toggle

Solution Weldment Save Issue

So if you are unable to save after changing a Weldment Profile, the first step would be to remove all custom properties associated with the cut list. Next, right-click the Cut list folder and select Delete from the drop-down menu. This will reset the items populated in the Cut list. From there, make sure Create Cut Lists Automatically & Update Automatically are toggled on. That should get your file up and ready to save!

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