Maintain SOLIDWORKS Standards Compliance with SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

Article by Vicky Guignard updated October 3, 2019


Many companies that have a drafting department often also have a checking or quality department to maintain SOLIDWORKS standard compliance. The design checker in this department usually have to review each drawing to ensure they conform to company standards. This can involve checking fonts, decimal spaces, title block information and much more.

This process can be very tedious, prone to error, manual, and details can easily be overlooked.

If you are an owner of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium software, you may not be aware of the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker included with your license. It is a hidden gem that can save you hours of mundane work.

The standards compliance tool is integrated into the SOLIDWORKS software interface, making it easy for you to spot and fix potential errors before releasing your designs.

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker 2019

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker for Standards Compliance

Standards Compliance Options

The SOLIDWORKS Design Checker ensures accuracy, completeness, and standards compliance for design elements such as:

  • Title blocks
  • Custom properties
  • Layers
  • Annotation and dimension fonts
  • Standard units
  • Materials
  • Overridden dimensions

You can set up and maintain compliance standards efficiently within a single file. If desired, you can also generate HTML-based reports to track results of each design check.

Watch this video to see how to enable and take advantage of this great tool!


The SOLIDWORKS Design Checker provides:

  • The ability to define and save standard checks
  • The ability to ‘learn’ standard checks from an existing document
  • The ability to ‘autocorrect’ errors identified when running a check
  • The ability to run standard checks in batch mode

You can set up and maintain compliance standards easily and efficiently. If desired, you can also generate HTML-based reports to track results of each design check.

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